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Jun 222015
Italian wine grapes

Photo from WineClub.org

There has been a lot of conversation about natural wine over the past few years, and not all of it civil. Proponents of the movement say that wines produced naturally–using native yeasts, minimal sulfites, and limited winemaker manipulation–are a purer expression of terroir and the grapes that grow within it. Opponents argue that natural wines are often flawed and unstable.

So what’s the truth?

The truth, at least as we see it, is that the natural wine movement is a necessary reaction against a wine industry that’s become an industrialized, homogenized business that has more in common with manufacturing than agriculture or artistry. Natural wines connect us to the earth, to our ancestors, to the cosmos.

And while that may sound like hippy-dippy nonsense to some, those who’ve experienced the magic of a beautiful natural wine understand. These wines have personality and character and something to say. Unsullied by overoaking, not stripped of life by excessive filtering, these wines demand attention simply by being themselves. They sing of their homeland. They may not be perfect, but their imperfections are merely facets of their honest nature, and are often outshined by their unique magnificence.

Enjoying these wines can be a challenge for some people whose palates are more familiar with the big, oaky, boozy New World style that is so prevalent around here. But if you let them, these wines will transport you to places you’ve never been. We believe it is a journey well worth taking.